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  • SYMBOL Name of the CONSTANT SI [unit] cgs [unit]
    c Speed of Light (in vacuum) 2.99792458108 [m/s]
    G Gravitational constant 6.6725910-11 [Nm2/kg2]
    g Gravitational acceleration 9.80665 [m/s2]
    m Magnetic moment 1 [Vsm] = 1 [Tm3] = (4)-11010 [emu]
    me Electron mass 9.109387910-31 [kg]
    mp Proton mass 1.672623110-27 [kg]
    mn Neutron mass 1.674928610-27 [kg]
    u Atomic mass unit 1.660540210-27 [kg]
    e Electron charge 1.6021773310-19 [C]
    h Planck constant 6.626075510-34 [Js]
    k Boltzmann constant 1.38065810-23 [J/K]
    0 Magnetic permeability 1.25663706110-6 [H/m]
    0 Dielectric permittivity 8.85418781710-12 [F/m]
    re Classical electron radius 2.8179409210-15 [m]
    Fine structure constant 7.2973530810-3 [-]
    a0 Bohr radius 5.2917724910-11 [m]
    R Rydberg constant 1.097373153107 [1/m]
    0 Fluxoid quantum 2.0678346110-15 [Wb]
    B Bohr magneton 9.274015410-24 [J/T]
    e Electron magnetic moment 9.284770110-24 [J/T]
    N Nuclear magneton 5.050786610-27 [J/T]
    p Proton magnetic moment 1.4106076110-26 [J/T]
    n Neutron magnetic moment 9.662370710-27 [J/T]
    c Compton wavelength (electron) 2.4263105810-12 [m]
    cp Compton wavelength (proton) 1.3214100210-15 [m]
    Stefan-Boltzmann constant 5.6705110-8 [W/m2K4]
    NA Avogadro's constant 6.02213671023 [1/mol]
    Vm Ideal gas volume at STP 2.2414110-2 [m3/mol]
    R Universal gas constant 8.31451 [J/(mol K)]
    F Faraday constant 9.6485309104 [C/mol]
    RH Quantum Hall resistance 2.58128056104 [Ohm]

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