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D-Link DE-530CT 32-bit Bus Mastering PCI Ethernet Adapter, W95-PnP, full-duplex, IEEE 802.3
Axel EZ-3200P+ 32-bit Bus Slaving PCI Ethernet Adapter, W95-PnP, full-duplex, IEEE 802.3, NE2000, ISO-9001

This adapter runs in bus master mode, directly sending/receiving Ethernet packets to/from the memory, using minimum aid from the CPU. Compared to a PCI adapter running in bus slave mode, the time required for moving data between memory and the adapter can be cut in half.

The EZ-3200P offers a 32-bit data path to highly improve the data transfer rate compared with traditional Ethernet cards on ISA, EISA and MCA bus. The auto-configuration function of PCI relieves users from pains of taking care of system resource conflicts. The full-duplex function enables simultaneous transmission and reception on the twisted pair link to a full-duplex Ethernet switching HUB.

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