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ATI ATI XPERT@Work VBE 2.0 ?, 3D RAGE PRO TURBO, 230 MHz RAMDAC, LineFrequency: 31-105 kHz, VerticalRefresh: 60-200 Hz, 8 MB 100 MHz SGRAM, 3D res:1280x1024/24bit, MPEG-1, MPEG-2(DVD, 60 fps), PCI 2.1 bus, 3D: D3D, OpenGL, Optional Video-In and TV Tuner
ViewTop TV Twister 6x00 ET6x00 128 bit graphics accelerator with 2/4.5 MB MDRAM (175MHz RAMDAC: 1024x768/16bit,85Hz), VPR6100 video processor (horizontal and vertical video interpolation), Real time Video/TV Capture (AVI) up to 30 fps at 720x576, 720x288, 360x576, 360x288, 180x144, 90x144, 90x72 (NTSC, PAL at 16 bit or YVU 4:2:2), Video for Windows complient, Optional Teltext Module and Optional Module for Remote Control.
S3 S3 Vision Magic TV S3 ViRGE 64 bit graphics accelerator with 2 MB/35ns EDO DRAM (175MHz RAMDAC: 1024x768/16bit,85Hz), horizontal and vertical video interpolation, still image capture at 640x480, Video/TV (AVI) capture up to 15 fps at 320x240, 30 fps up to 160x120 image size (NTSC, PAL and SECAM), Video for Windows complient, Philips TV tuner, stereo sound, IR Remote control modul.
SPEA-Diamond Spea ShowTime Plus TV ET4000/W32P graphics accelerator with 2 MB DRAM, (135MHz RAMDAC: 1024x768/16bit,75Hz) Viper video processor (for interpolated scaling), Real time Video/TV digitizing up to 720x576 (NTSC, PAL or SECAM at 8 bit gray or 16/24 bit true color), and Video Capture (AVI) up to 30 fps at 320x240, 280x210, 240x180, 200x150, 160x120, 120x90, 80x60, 40x30, Video for Windows complient, Hardware MPEG-1 decoder (Zoran), 2x16bit/44.1 kHz audio, Philips TV Tuner, built-in Teltext. Drivers here, here and here.
FAST Fast Movie Machine II Real time Video digitizing up to 60 fps at 1280x1024 (non-interlaced) or below, in NTSC, PAL or SECAM format at 24 bit or YVU 4:2:2 - studio quality overlay and video output (PAL, NTSC), teltext and digital video effects, 2x3 W stereo outputs, Video for Windows complient, tuner only for PAL, optional M-JPEG and MPEG extension, ISA bus.

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