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Book: Studies in Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics 8, Nondestructive Testing of Materials, Editors: R.Collins, W.D. Dover, J.R.Bowler and K. Miya, IOS Press, Amsterdam (1995), ISSN: 1383-7281, pp.75-86

Electromagnetic NDT Material Testing By Magnetic Field Sensor

Csaba Sándor DARÓCZI(a), János SZÖLLŐSY(a), Gábor VÉRTESY(a), József PÁVÓ(b) and Kenzo MIYA(c)

(a) Hung. Acad. Sci., Research Institute for Materials Science ATKI, H-1525 Budapest, P.O. Box 49, Hungary
(b) Technical University of Budapest, Department of Electromagnetic Theory, H-1521 Budapest, Hungary
(c) Nuclear Engineering Research Laboratory, The University of Tokyo, Tokai, Ibaraki, 319-11, Japan

Recently developed high sensitivity magnetic field sensors are described which offer new solutions in nondestructive electromagnetic material testing. The sensors have improved spatial resolution, good linearity, calibration accuracy and high signal/disturb ratio in a relatively wide temperature range of operation. According to the symmetry of the probes two of the x, y and z components of the electromagnetic field can be measured across the sample surface. Due to differential mode of operation of the sensor utilized for the non-contact measurement of conductivity of the material, it is especially sensitive for the inhomogeneities of the sample. This enables the detection and localization of continuity fouls (cracks) under the sample surface or ferromagnetic impurities in the non-ferromagnetic material. By the application of a sensor array or by raster-scanning the probes across the sample surface an electromagnetic image of the sample can be obtained. This can be converted to a real geometry image by data processing (solving the reverse problem).

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