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Proc. 4th Japan-Hungary Joint Seminar on Applied Electromagnetics in Materials and Computational Technology, (1996) Fukuyama, Japan, pp.164-167

Electromagnetic Field Modelling of the Ferromagnetic Core of Fluxset Type Sensors

József Pávó(a), Imre Sebestyén(a), Gábor VÉRTESY(b) and Csaba S. Daróczi(b)

(a) Department of Electromagnetic Theory, Technical University of Budapest, H-1521 Budapest, Egry J. u. 18., Hungary
(b) Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Research Institute for Materials Science, H-1525 Budapest, P.O.Box 49, Hungary

A new approach for the electromagnetic modelling of ferromagnetic conductor materials in non-conducting medium is presented. The presence of the ferromagnetic object is represented by volumetric and surface magnetic currents flowing in the homogeneous medium. The actual distribution of these magnetic currents are determined by the solution of the integral equation derived in this paper. Using similar considerations, a simplified model is also developed for the calculation of the electromagnetic field in the presence of a thin non-conducting high permeability ferromagnetic film. The application of the developed methods is specially useful for the modelling of the core of fluxset type magnetic field sensor used for eddy current testing (ECT) of conducting materials.

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