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Proceedings of 2nd Japan-Central Europe Joint Workshop on Modelling of Materials and Combustion, November 7-9 (1996) MAT/17, Budapest, Hungary (submitted)

Ion Implantation Improved Soft Magnetic Metallic Glass Fibers for Fluxset Detectors

Csaba Sándor DARÓCZI(1), Antal GASPARICS(2) and Zófia VÉRTESY(1)

(1) Research Institute for Materials Science (KFKI ATKI), Budapest, Hungary
(2) Technical University of Budapest (BME), Dept. Electromagnetic Theory (EVTSZ), Budapest, Hungary

Effects of ion implantation on soft magnetic properties of Fe85B15 and Fe-Cr-Si-B metallic glasses are described. According to our investigations, significant reduction in surface coercive force Hc can be obtained using a suitable combination of ion implantation and thermal treatments. The metallic glass fibers processed by this manner are good candidate for core material in fluxset type magnetic field sensors.

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