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Book: Studies in Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics 14, Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation (II), Editors: R. Albanese, G. Rubinacci, T. Takagi and S.S. Udpa, IOS Press, Amsterdam (1998), ISBN: 90-5199-375-7, pp.337-342

Proposal for Benchmark Problem Qualifying - Some Aspects of the Performance of ECT Probes

József Pávó(a), Antal Gasparics(b) Csaba S. Daróczi(b), Gábor Vértesy(b)

(a) Department of Electromagnetic Theory, Technical University of Budapest, H-1521 Budapest, Egry J. u. 18., Hungary
(b) Research Institute for Materials Science, H-1525 Budapest, P.O. Box 49, Hungary

In this paper a benchmark definition is proposed for the qualification of the performance of different kind of eddy current testing (ECT) probes. The benchmark problem is basically defined by the description of several experiments. The solution of the proposed benchmark problem is thought to be a free format presentation that discusses the results of the defined benchmark experiments. The benchmark experiments are designed to give information on the sensitivity, application frequency range, lift-off noise, tilting noise, etc. of the tested ECT probe. At the end of the paper a preliminary example is presented for the solution of some parts of the proposed benchmark problem.

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