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According to recent studies, those men who don't understand women, fall into two groups: bachelors and husbands."


After a man finds out the woman is not angel, he tries to acertain to what extent she isn't.
(Margaret BLACKWOOD, from The Monstrous Regiment)

"By marrying I can only make one woman happy: by remaining single I can make so many!"
(Frederick LONSDALE)

"My husband believs that a Casanova provides a useful social service, claiming that the best women, like Rolls-Royces, should be delivered to the customer fully run-in."
(Jilli COOPER)

"Just as most women like male gynaecologists, most men like lady vasectomists. One of my most masculine patients said, 'It's sort of natural taking off your trousers in front of a woman.' "
(Dr. Caroline DEYS, from "The Observer")

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