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Cambell's Laws of Automotive Repair:
1. If you can get to the faulty part, you don't have the tool to get it off.
2. If you can get the part off, the parts house will have it back-ordered.
3. If it's in stock, it didn't need replacing in the first place.

(Artur BLOCH, from "Murphy's Law")

Quigley's Law:
If a car and a truck approaching each other on an otherwise deserted road, they will meet at the narrow bridge.
(Artur BLOCH, from "Murphy's Law")

Hartman's Automotive Laws:
1.) Nothing minor ever happens to a car at the weekend.
2.) Nothing minor ever happens to a car on a trip.
3.) Nothing minor ever happens to a car.
(Charles D. HARTMAN, from "The Official Rules")

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