Audrey Hepburn (4 May '29-'93)
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Catherine Zeta-Jones (25 September '69-, Swansea, Wales, UK)
An exotic, multi-talented actress, singer and dancer born from Irish mother and Welsh father. She is desperately attractive. Her acting is instinctively perfect, although she is very hard-working and selfconscious too. Catherine debuted on the big screen in
The Mask of Zorro ('98), as Elena. (For that role she was discovered by Steven Spielberg.) Cat was so absolutely fantastic, that got to the top immediately. In her next movie, in Entrapment ('99), she plays also a breath-taking "woman of the millenium" without any exertion... Her upcoming new big-budget film is The Hounting ('99). Some earlier productions in which you can see Cath-Zeta are: Titanic ('96), TV. The Phantom ('96). Blue Juice ('96). In this web site you can find the Wonderwoman: Catherine Zeta-Jones pages, devoted to the most exciting actress of the millenium. Some links to other fan pages are: FP-2, FP-3, FP-4, FP-5, FP-5, FP-6, FP-7, FP-8, iMDB

Elisabeth Shue (6 October '63-)
I like her extremely beautiful
eyes! Check them in Saint, The ('97). You may also remember her in Coctail ('88), Back to the Future II ('89) and Back to the Future III ('90). For her performance in Leaving Las Vegas ('95) she was awarded by Golden Globe and was nominated for Oscar. Well, she is not only beautiful but also very talented... HP, FP_1, FP_2, FP_3, iMDB

Halle Berry (14 August '68-, USA)
A very
sexy and elegant actress. You can see her in Jungle Fever ('91) and Flintstones, The ('94). FP-1, FP-2, FP-3, iMDB

Julia Roberts (28 October '67)
She's a pretty woman. Actually, "THE" pretty woman, since the title:
Pretty Woman ('90). This film catapulted Julia to the stratosphere of Hollywood. Next year she also demonstrated her talent in the film: Sleeping with the Enemy ('91). Her next great film was the Pelican Breef, The ('93). (To tell the trueth, in this film the extraordinary wonderful landscapes are the main attractions...) In her next two great films Julia reveals very good sense of humor. In the Everyone Says I Love You ('96) and especially in the My Best Friend's Wedding ('97). iMDB

Karen Linn Gorney (? ? '45-, USA)
She played one of the main roles with John Travolta in the Saturday Night Fever ('77). FP_1, iMDB

Linda Fiorentino (9 March '60-)
She's a pretty woman. I don't know much about her talent other than she won her part in the film
Men in Black ('97) from the director Barry Sonnenfield in a poker game with excess $1200! Congratulation Linda and thank you Barry! HP, FP_1, iMDB

Nastassja Kinski (24 January '61-)
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Nia Peeples (10 December '61-)
She's a very talented and
pretty actress, singer and dancer - actually a universal performer. My favourite film with her is the I Don't Buy Kisses Anymore ('92). Lately you can see her in Blues Brothers 2000 ('98) as the police women Lieutenant Elizondo. TV Now, HP, FP_1, iMDB

Nicollette Sheridan (21 November '63-)
She's a very
pretty and sexy actress, who got roles in several very good films, like Virus ('95), Spy Hard ('96) and Beverly Hills Ninja ('97). FP-1, iMDB

Salma Hayek (2 September '68-)
A very talented and
pretty Mexican actress. You should look after her in Desperado ('95). HP, FP-1, FP-2, FP-3, FP-4, FP-5, FP-6, iMDB

Sigourney Weaver (8 October '49-)

Stephanie Zimbalist (8 October '56-, USA)
A very intelligent, talented,
pretty and elegant actress. One of my big favourites. You can see her in the TV series Remington Steele ('82) (as Laura Holt, together with Pierce Brosnan), in Love on the Run ('85) (as Diana Rockland, together with Alec Baldwin) and in Great Elephant Escape, The ('95), Stop the World, I Want to Get Off ('96). FP-1, FP-2, FP-3, iMDB

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