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About a Boy (2002, 120', IMDb)
Being in PreProduction - w/o Cathy Directed by Chris Weitz and Chris Weitz
Written by Nick Hornby and Peter Hedges (II)
Starring Hugh Grant, Catherine Zeta-Jones?
Catherine preferred to stay home with her real baby instead of doing this film (in which she must had to smoke a lot). 1, 2, 3, , ,

The Life of Maria Callas (2002, 120', IMDb)
Being in PreProduction - w/o Cathy Produced by
Directed by
Starring Catherine Zeta-Jones?
According to certain Hollywood sources: Catherine Zeta-Jones will miss out on a new movie role - because she's too secure in her own good looks. Jones had been heavily tipped to portray Maria Callas, in a bio-pic of the sexy Greek singer's life - but now Hollywood sources say Zeta-Jones is unsuitable because Callas was uncomfortable about her appearance, unlike Catherine.

Well, I don't know Maria Callas well enough, but for Catherine this role would have been good, because she could show some of her singer talent! 1, 2,

Tomb Raider (2001, 120', IMDb)
Being in Production - w/o Cathy Produced by Paramount Pictures ,
Directed by Simon West, written by ,
Starring Angelina Jolie.
Catherine would have been a perfect Lara Croft, and she is the best for the role. However, Cathy was expecting a child during the shooting, and the role was given to Angelina Jolie (:-((((. (See Beyond Borders too!)
Croft Times News (537), Croft Times News (456), Croft Times Discussion Forum, Eidos Forum, Who is Lara Croft?,

Beyond Borders (2001, 120', IMDb)
Cancelled Movie Directed by Oliver Stone, written by Oliver Stone and Caspian Tredwell-Owen,
Starring Angelina Jolie and Ralph Fiennes.
A love story about an American doctor and a British relief worker who we'll take a stab at the plot clash over relief efforts, but then fall madly in love. 1, 2
, 3
(This movie was cancelled because Cathy concentrated more on her private life.)

Dr. T and the Women (2000, 121', IMDb)
Produced - w/o Cathy Directed by Robert Altman, written by Anne Rapp,
Starring Richard Gere, Helen Hunt, Laura Dern, Kate Hudson, Shelley Long, Tara Reid, Liv Tyler, ....
A philandering gynecologist gets his comeuppance at the hands of his patients...
(I don't know why Cathy has left this film.)

Charlie's Angels (2000, 98', IMDb)
Being in Production - w/o Cathy Directed by Joseph McGinty Nichol, written by John August and Ryan Rowe,
Starring Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Bill Murray
For a while it was whispered, that Cathy is going to play the brunette role of the film. I'm happy that she's left this production, because the role could have been hardly challenging enough for Cathy. (However, in the main male role Bill Murray is a good decesion.)

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