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September 9, 1999
Gwyneth Best Dressed; Sandler Worst Dressed

People magazine's annual survey of well and poorly clad celebs is out, and there are some surprises — and one record — among them.

The bad news first: Heading the pack of the sartorially challenged is the $20 mil man who could afford snazzier threads, Adam Sandler. Says one People judge, "He looks like he eats Cap 'n Crunch cereal and channel-surfs all day in his underwear and a T-shirt." Um, and there's something wrong with that?

Other men who made the Worst Dressed list were shlumpy David Arquette, who we're betting will get some fashion tips from new wife Courteney Cox; Val Kilmer; and pajama fan Nick Nolte.

As for the gals, songbirds dominated the crappily clad field. Madonna, who's making a record sixth appearance on the list, is joined by Mariah Carey (who's described as "very garish"); Shania Twain ("She's verging on a Barbie doll"); and perennial fave Cher, who's gracing the list for the fourth time. Also named were actresses Caroline Rhea from Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Ally McBeal's Lisa Nicole Carson, who was dinged for her tendency not to leave much to the imagination.

Topping the Best Dressed list is the always-turned-out Gwyneth Paltrow, described as "This year's Audrey Hepburn." (Someone should tell Jennifer Love Hewitt.) Newcomer Catherine Zeta-Jones got high marks for looking "the way we think a movie star should look," but the most profuse praise (and wagging tongues) went to hip-swiveling singer Ricky Martin ("He's so hot, I could just lick him," raved one judge). Rounding out the list were Will Smith, The Practice's Camryn Manheim, three-timer Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, and a trio of mature beauties: Sophia Loren, Diane Sawyer, and Candice Bergen.

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