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Hue and cry

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23 May 2001

IF Catherine Zeta Jones was not crying at such a beautiful bit of poetry, it is only because she
Our before-and-after shot clearly shows a change in the Douglas profile.
was giving her lachrymal glands a bit of a rest after recent cosmetic surgery.

All eyes, including Hello!'s, were on the Welsh beauty when she took her dark glasses off while on holiday in Majorca - "but few detected anything different about her famous clear brown eyes".

Like any self-respecting journalist brought up on the Nancy Drew books, Hello! decides to investigate - and publishes page after page of 'before and after' shots of Catherine and her husband Michael Douglas, who is also rumoured to have gone under the knife.

While the proof with Catherine is inconclusive, Hello! has uncovered some startling new evidence about the star of Fatal Attraction.

Comparing a photo of Douglas as a young man with a recent picture of him after his marriage, we can clearly see that the 57-year-old has had a moustache surgically removed and his colour artificially enhanced.

The old photo (taken with his father Kirk) reveals that, along with the dimple, Douglas fils inherited his dad's black and white complexion, whereas now his skin has a decidedly fleshy hue.

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