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Fri , 22 June 2001



Zeta told to stay away

LONDON: Relatives have told heartbroken Catherine Zeta-Jones she should stay away from her grandmother's funeral because of the unwelcome media attention she and husband Michael Douglas will attract.
British tabloid The Sun reports the Welsh star plans to jet from her Los Angeles home to say farewell to her grandmother Cath Fair tomorrow in Swansea.

But some family members fear it could become a circus if she turns up with Douglas.

Catherine, 31, was said to be devastated when Cath, 79, died.

A source said: ``Some family members have told Catherine she should stay away. They just want a quiet family funeral.'' Fair, 79, was her maternal grandmother. Friend Madeline Doyle said: ``She was a lovely lady who was proud of Catherine.''

The actress was named after Cath and her other grandmother Zeta.
  • People News reports Zeta-Jones is being linked with the female lead in the film version of Andrew Lloyd-Webber's Phantom of the Opera.
    Her Mask of Zorro co-star Antonio Banderas is tipped for the role of the Phantom.
  • 22 June 2001 / 12:25 AM

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