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Catherine Cashes In

As if being married to Michael Douglas wasn't enough to keep Catherine Zeta-Jones' purse seams bulging, she has just signed a deal to make her Britain's highest paid actress.

Yes, travesty that it may seem, the Welsh actress is now the queen of Britain's acting pool, with a nine-picture deal that will land her a staggering 54 million. Averaging a cool 6 million per film, Mrs Douglas has pulled far away from the rest of the pack, more than doubling the 20 million deal landed by former head gold-spinner, Frasier actress, Jane Leeves.

The nine - count 'em - films will be churned out over the next three years and will include a sequel to The Mask of Zorro and provide a voiceover for an animated Sinbad movie.

The former Darling Buds of May star has certainly climbed to giddying heights since her stint as David Jason's daughter, with an A-list Hollywood husband and Hello! Magazine permanently camped outside her doorstep. While Empire Online won't deny that Zeta-Jones has turned out some reasonably solid performances - well, no obviously not Entrapment - we're not convinced that, with all the top talent our little isle has to offer, Zeta-Jones deserves such a king's ransom. But then, Michael Winner's still allowed to handle a camera, so go figure.

Thanks to This Is London.

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