November 22, 2002

Courtesy Miramax

Catherine describes her character as "brash and brassy."

Catherine defines the difference between Roxie and Velma. Watch

Courtesy Miramax

Catherine burns up the stage in a number from the movie.

Catherine's 'Chicago' Surprise!

November 18, 2002

After a baby-raising break, sultry CATHERINE ZETA-JONES is back on the big screen this Christmas with the film version of the Broadway musical, 'Chicago.' Tonight on ET, Catherine talks in an exclusive interview about the chemistry between her and co-star RENÉE ZELLWEGER. Then, join us as we celebrate 'Chicago' on ET all week!

"In so many ways, me and Renée are so different," says Catherine, "but as Roxy and Velma, it just works so well. Throughout the story the tides turn, [showing] how desperate they are to top each other."

Opening in theaters December 27, the silver-screen version of BOB FOSSE's Tony Award-winning musical is set in the roaring '20s and follows chorus girl Roxie Hart (Zellweger), who shoots her unfaithful lover. In jail, she meets another chorus girl, Velma Kelly (Zeta-Jones), who murdered her cheating husband and is basking in media attention thanks to the help of her attorney, the suave Billy Flynn (RICHARD GERE). When Billy agrees to handle Roxie's case, she's soon grabbing the headlines. Sprung from jail, she becomes a huge star, and the two chorus girls find themselves competing not only for the press' attention -- but for Flynn's too.

Catherine describes her character as "brash and brassy, kind of classless in some way, even though she thinks she's the height of sophistication; been there done that." As for Renée's character, Catherine sees her as "the wide-eyed wannabe who's completely upset -- she wants to be Velma."

'Chicago' is directed by ROB MARSHALL, who helmed the 1999 TV adaptation of "Annie," and co-directed the revival of Fosse's Cabaret with 'American Beauty''s SAM MENDES. It also stars QUEEN LATIFAH as Mama Morton, a prison matron; LUCY LIU as Go-To-Hell-Kitty; CHRISTINE BARANSKI as a tabloid reporter; JOHN C. REILLY as Roxie's husband; and TAYE DIGGS plays a bandleader.

Tuesday on ET, we talk with Renée all about her take on the big-screen spectacular. Wednesday, Richard Gere weighs in. Thursday, more secrets from 'Chicago'; and Friday, get your first look at the film's big musical number!


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