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Monday January 6, 2003
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Janet Axed From Chicago Soundtrack
January 3, 2003

A new Janet Jackson tune written specially for the Chicago soundtrack has been dumped in favour of a track penned by award winning songwriters John Kander and Fred Ebb.

The writers behind Broadway hits like Chicago and Cabaret have been dubbed the Lennon + McCartney of musicals, and when they offered to pen a new tune for the film, producers didn't think twice about bumping Janet.

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Jackson and producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis wrote and recorded a song to be featured during the end credits and on the soundtrack of the movie, but the producers decided at the last minute to instead use a new composition from Kander and Ebb.

The new song, titled I Move On, was recorded by the film's stars Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellweger.

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