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A Mom for the Ages

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Top Stories
January 6, 2003

'There is a Cinderella aspect to my life," says the hotter every minute Catherine Zeta-Jones. "But I swept a lot of cinders, too."

That's what the "Chicago" vixen tells Esquire. The actress, expecting her second child with Michael Douglas, also says that she and her husband are so giddy and so in love, they sometimes sing to each other! "We find ourselves in these moments, you know? Something is happening and we just look at each other, and it's like, pinch me, can you believe this?"

Well, by the time she gives birth and the Oscar nominations roll around, Catherine and Michael will probably be hoarse from singing and black-and- blue from pinching!

HOLIDAY RUMORS: What - you think the mill stops grinding at Christmas and New Year's? Silly.

Off the Internet comes word that Nicole Kidman, 35, will play Leonardo DiCaprio's mother, Olympias, in Leo's upcoming pic, "Alexander the Great." Leo is 28. Hmmm! I know those decadent royal ancients got started early, but ... oh, I guess they could make up Nicole to look the part. (Her false nose in "The Hours" renders the beauty unrecognizable.) In any case, it's a juicy role. Olympias was quite a character - deadly if crossed.

"Friends" of Drew Barrymore are blabbing that her musician boyfriend Fabriozi Moretti popped the question recently, and Drew, famous for her quickie nuptials and short-lived marriages, said "yes." (Have Drew and Jennifer Lopez ever compared notes?) This time, the adorable Drew is said to be mulling a big, traditional wedding, possibly at the Italian villa of her pal George Clooney. (She's wonderful in his "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.")

Speaking of Clooney, that devastating matinee idol and terrific first-time- out-of-the-gate director is said to have made a New Year's resolution to find the right girl and settle down. Some even say the "right girl" is one he already knows - "Chicago" star Renée Zellweger. They dated seriously and parted amicably, and he gave Zellweger a diamond bracelet for Christmas.

And while it is no secret that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are getting ready to marry, gossips say Ben's best bud Matt Damon, who is also engaged, wants to make it a double wedding. Ahhhh, this one, I doubt totally. Why would La Lopez even consider sharing the spotlight with another bride?

GRAINS OF SALT: From England comes this - Prince William, heir to the British throne, is determined to make his acting debut. Friends (them again!) insist he wants to trod the boards in "The Play," written and directed by Kenneth Branagh. The Prince would like Gwyneth Paltrow as his co-star. Well, I'd say this is as likely as Queen Elizabeth saying, "Listen, Charlie, you take over, I've had it!"

WHAT DO Katharine Hepburn and Jack Nicholson have in common? Noth- ing ... yet. But if Nicholson wins an Oscar for "About Schmidt" - and there's every indication he will at least be nominated - he'll join Hepburn as the unique holder of four golden guys.

Jack has taken the honor for "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," "Terms of Endearment" and "As Good as It Gets."

SHARON OSBOURNE is a unique woman in many ways. One of her more surprising quirks is a refusal to accept freebies. Although she is a well-known shopaholic with a weakness for designer labels, Ozzy's bride says, "I don't get the same buzz unless I pay for it!" Good for Sharon. Great for capitalism.

IT TAKES ENERGY and a bit of anesthetic to be young, famous and beautiful. So that's why Charlie Hunnam, star of "Nicholas Nickleby," was spotted at "Nickleby's" L.A. premiere slugging back something called an "MO." This is made with Bacardi O and Merlin's Ale. Cosmopolitans and apple martinis are becoming passe in Tinseltown. It's all about MO.

TONIGHT: A&E channel is giving John Travolta the works with a two- hour "Biography" of the guy who started off as teen beefcake in "Welcome Back, Kotter." He saw his career rise, sputter and rise again. Through it all, he's remained one of the industry's most charming and least complaining stars. He flies his own plane to his own drummer.

ENDQUOTE: "No one ever spoke of her as vulnerable." That remark about Diana Ross comes from Gerald Posner's new book, "Motown: Money, Power, Sex and Music."

Miss Ross, who was Motown founder Berry Gordy's most glamorous and controversial creation, doesn't come off too well in this history of the fabled music entity. Perhaps Diana wasn't vulnerable then, but she sure seems to be now. Maybe 2003 will be a better year for this star, whose legendary "attitude" probably masked fears that only now seem to be surfacing. The tabloids played her recent DWI arrest for laughs, but addictions aren't funny.

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