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Chicago hits cinemas
Chicago hits cinemas
FRIDAY 17/01/2003 12:24:03         
''Chicago'' hits the screens

One of the most eagerly anticipated films of the last few months, Rob Marshal's "Chicago", hits cinema screens today.

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The tale of showbiz and murder has already seen award nominations for nearly all of its cast members, as well as the production itself, and is being hailed as the best movie musical since the Oscar winning "Cabaret".

Catherine Zeta Jones` performance as jazz killer Velma Kelly is already being tipped for an Oscar and a Golden Globe as well as several other accolades, and those close to the star say this is the film she`s been waiting all her career to make.

Renée Zelwegger looks set to give her a run for her money though; she`s tipped for most of the same "best actress" awards as Mrs. Michael Douglas and the critics are hailing her first ever efforts at singing or dancing on screen as "a revelation".

Her chracter Roxie equates notoriety with fame and will stop at nothing to get what she wants, setting the stage for she and Velma to high kick their way along a collison course that will reportedly "knock your socks off".

As befits such A list leading ladies, a top-class leading man is obligatory: the man each woman targets in order to make their dreams come true is smooth talking but oh-so-slimy super lawyer Billy Flynn, played by Richard Gere - already rumoured to be the prime contender for the "best supporting actor" statuette at the next Academy Awards bash.

Although it`s the first of the year`s "big" films, this all-singing, all-dancing spectacular is already the hot favourite to sweep the figurative boards at all the major awards ceremonies, from Cannes to California.

At last; a musical modern day Hollywood can be proud of!

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