Team Bristol Motorsports owner Rick Goodwin announced that he has signed Leilani Münter to a driver developmental contract. Goodwin, the owner of the #54 NASCAR Busch Grand National Series team, plans to enter Münter into a driver training program for 2003, with hopes of entering the Rochester, MN native into a late season Busch Series race.

    "I am really excited about working with Leilani and hopefully leading her driving development into the Busch Series," Goodwin said. "As many people know, I am very committed to the goal of having a full-time female Busch

    Series driver and I believe with the proper training, Leilani can be that driver. I think it would be wonderful to have a young lady in the Busch Series full-time, however I realize we must take the time and fully prepare her for the challenge."

    Goodwin spoke about how Münter would not be rushed into the Busch Series without being fully prepared.

    "We will enter Leilani into a number of races in one of the feeder divisions of the Busch Series this season. In addition to beginning an extensive testing program, she will also travel with our Busch Series team and work in

    the shop on a daily basis. If she can prove to me over the course of the year that she is ready to drive a Busch Series car then we will enter her in the Memphis race in October, if not, we will continue to train her for the Busch Series."

    Münter expressed her excitement of entering into the driver training program.

    "I am really excited about the opportunity to race for Team Bristol this year," Münter said. "I can't thank Rick Goodwin enough for believing in me and giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity. I look forward to the training schedule that Rick and I are currently working on and achieving the milestones we will set."

    Münter graduated from The University of California, San Diego with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. While still in college, she began working as a model, following graduation she made the move to film. On the set of Cameron Crowe's "Almost Famous" it was brought to her attention that she resembled a certain up and coming actress. Soon after, casting directors hired her to photo double for Hollywood starlet Catherine Zeta-Jones in Steven Soderbergh's Academy Award winning movie "Traffic" and Revolution's romantic comedy "America's Sweethearts". Münter has also worked as a stunt double and precision driver in many films. Over the last few years Münter began to drive late model stock cars. Münter has also spent time training in Panoz GT Sports Cars and ARCA Series race cars. Münter worked in 2002 as an instructor at The Richard Petty Driving School. Münter has recently relocated from Charlotte to Bristol, VA to be involved in the day-to-day operations of Team Bristol Motorsports.