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3pm update

Zeta Jones accused of over-reacting

Owen Gibson
Monday February 10, 2003

Zeta Jones
Catherine Zeta Jones: 'I reiterate I felt all those emotions'
Catherine Zeta Jones was told in the high court today she was over-reacting to the unauthorised publication of photos of her wedding.

James Price, representing Hello!, suggested someone reading her statement might think there had been a threat to the safety of her child "rather than a few pictures in a celebrity magazine".

"The wedding meant a lot to me and I reiterate that I felt all those emotions and still do," she said.

Mr Price responded: "You are not gingering this up a bit to push damages up?"

Ms Zeta Jones, who is suing Hello! for 500,000 for invasion of privacy, was forced to defend her previous deals with rival magazine OK!.

The star said she had used the strategy of releasing pictures of her son, Dylan, to OK! to discourage the paparazzi.

On the fourth day of the trial, which could have significant ramifications for the UK's privacy laws, Ms Zeta Jones confirmed that, after giving birth, she and her baby had to be covered by a sheet and wheeled back to her private room to avoid photographs being snatched.

"I knew I would have to get out at some point and live my life with a child and that's when it solidified that was the way to go," she said.

Mr Price suggested the Douglases could have protected their privacy by organising a photo opportunity in the way members the royal family do.

Ms Zeta Jones replied: "I don't know. I'm not part of the royal family. I don't have the security mechanisms they have."

She denied it was an over-statement to say she and her husband, Michael Douglas, were "devastated" by the Hello! wedding pictures.

"That's exactly how I felt - just drained," she said.

Mr Price asked Ms Zeta Jones if what had happened was something that went with the territory of being a film star.

She replied: "Many aspects of my career go with the territory. I hold my hand up.

"It's part of my contract to promote, and I do it with all the professionalism I can, but this is my wedding. This is like going into my home.

"We didn't feel it necessary to publicise our philanthropic things we do to the world either."

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