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FILM beauty Catherine Zeta Jones steps into the spotlight yesterday — and reveals a rash on her chest and neck.

The pregnant Chicago actress, 33, showed the angry red blotches as she left a Welsh hotel with superstar hubby Michael Douglas and son Dylan, two.

It raised fears that the outbreak was the result of stress caused by her high-profile legal battle with Hello! magazine.

Experts last night said stress-related rashes are extremely common.

The Sun’s GP Carol Cooper said: “People often think they are a sign of an allergy when they are in fact caused by stress or a stressful situation.

“The skin and the brain are made from similar cells so it’s no wonder the emotions and skin are so closely linked.

“Stress increases hormone levels such as adrenalin and cortisol, both of which make the skin sweat and more greasy.

“These hormones also dilate the blood vessels, so more blood flows to the skin.

“That means what you can get when you are stressed is flushing, blushing and angry, red rashes on your skin.”

Dr Cooper added: “Being pregnant can also make rashes show up more and cause the skin to itch. And stress can also make lots of skin rashes worse.”

Catherine, who has been staying with her family in Swansea, is suing Hello! for publishing unofficial snaps of her November 2000 wedding in New York.

She and Michael, 58, had sold the exclusive rights to rival magazine OK!

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