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Catherine Zeta Jones may be five times the size of anyone else in Hollywood at the moment (with the possible exception of Queen Latifah), but she doesn’t get a bigger Oscar statuette to compensate.

The Sun pictures her beside fellow winner, Best Actress winner Nicole Kidman, who it says was congratulated by her ex-husband Tom Cruise, currently filming The Last Samurai in New Zealand.

He was the first to call when she switched her mobile phone on at the official after-show bash - and Nicole was, according to the paper, “stunned and close to tears as she heard his voice”.

Also getting emotional on Sunday night was Julia Roberts, who (says the Mirror) had a strop minutes before coming on stage to present one of the awards.

Tiresome socialite Paris Hilton also had a strop because she had to wait in line for Elton John’s after-show party, even employing the “Don’t you know who I am?” line.

No-one knows or cares who Paris Hilton is, but Sean Connery is not so used to not being recognised.

But, says the Mail, he got a bit of shock at the Miramax party when a fellow guest came up to him and asked if he was Burt Young, a B-list character actor.

“I’m not Burt Young,” the world’s most famous Scotsman stormed in his best Sean Connery voice. But for the right money, he just might be.

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