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Apr 8 2003

Michael complains she takes her Oscar everywhere

Rick Fulton Exclusive

MICHAEL DOUGLAS admits he's getting bored of his wife's new dinner guest - her Oscar statue.

The actor revealed Catherine was overjoyed at winning the best supporting actress Academy Award last month for her role in Chicago.

But while others modestly put showbiz's ultimate prize in their toilets or even in boxes in the attic, Catherine's gong rarely leaves her side.

Michael, 58, who has two Oscars of his own, revealed: "Right now she's got it down in Bermuda and she's still showing it off. She's got it on the dining table in Bermuda and I'm a little tired of looking at it at every meal, quite honestly.

"Dylan looks at it and says, `Hi Oscar'. But at least she hasn't put out a table place for it or put a bib around its neck."

Catherine is eight months pregnant with the couple's second child and Michael carries a pager at all times.

He claims the baby is due in a fortnight's time although he added: "Second babies often come a little early, apparently. They don't call me MD for nothing."

Michael already has two-year-old Dylan by Catherine and 24-year-old son Cameron from his first marriage to Diandra Luker.

Father and son have teamed up for new film It Runs In The Family, which also stars the Douglas patriarch Kirk and Michael's mother, Diana Dill.

Michael, who, with Sir Laurence Olivier, is one of only two people in history to win Oscars for both Best Picture and Best Actor, admits he is enjoying fatherhood more the second time around.

He explained: "When you have kids at the start of a career, or are really working on a career and ambitions and all that, you don't have as much time as you do now.

"And so you get that edge off and really focus on family. So, it's more fun, more relaxed, you've been through it a little before so it doesn't quite shock you as much.

"I'm good at it. I'm good at changing diapers and good at all that stuff - it's something I feel comfortable with. I'm enjoying it more this time."

But making the new film has brought Cameron and Michael together.

He added: "We've always gotten along and we see each other, but I think I gained some respect for him - a lot of respect - because I certainly could not have done this with my father when I was his age. I think the initial apprehensions about Cameron was because he hadn't really acted - he did one little small part so we weren't sure.

"There was a little prodding from the producer." (Michael is the producer).

The film will be the first time Michael and dad Kirk have acted in the same film together - a historical landmark considering both Douglas' success.

But for Michael there was more than just the Hollywood history.

HE added: "My mother and father have been divorced for more than 50 years, and they've always gotten along well over the years.

"But to have them there, and then to have them reminiscing about stories about me as a kid, and then for Cameron to hear those stories about his dad as a little boy was just a special, special time for everyone."

Michael is also happy to report Cameron gets on with his younger, more famous half-brother. He said: "There's such a big age difference, but they still bond."

For Michael, the imminent birth of his third child couldn't come at a better time. This week he and Catherine were voted top of the list of smug stars who need taking down a peg for two.

Their appearance in the High Court to protest about Hello! magazine's sneaky snaps of their wedding has not gone down well with the British public.

The survey of 500 people asked which famous faces they would most like to get revenge on.

It was carried out by video game creators Acclaim Entertainment to mark this week's National Revenge Week. But that won't stop the pair from working together.

Michael and Catherine start shooting a new dark comedy movie together in the autumn called Monkey Face.

He added: "We're not a couple - we meet and go at each other, but I think for couples to do romantic couples in a movie is a little boring.

"People would much rather see real- life couples go at it."


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