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Catherine Zeta Jones to play generous millionaire

Catherine Zeta Jones is to star in a new movie about a mega-rich woman who gives all her money away.

Catherine Zeta Jones in her last film Chicago /ImageNet

The Hollywood actress will reportedly take the lead role in romantic comedy Getting And Spending.

It will be adapted from a stage play of the same name by US writer Michael Chepiga.

Zeta Jones will take the role of Victoria - a Wall Street trader who makes millions by playing the financial markets and gives the proceeds to charity.

When she is accused of insider trading, she is desperate to sign up a top defence lawyer - but discovers he has left the law business and joined a monastery.

Victoria tracks him down and persuades him to take on her case, falling in love with him along the way.

The movie will be made by Zeta Jones' own production company Milkwood Films, according to

Zeta Jones is also starring in another film produced by Milkwood, Coming Out - a rugby comedy set in Wales.

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