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Publication date: 07/01/2003

Catherine gets her sweats on

Of The Examiner Staff

    Catherine Zeta Jones says the best thing about lending your voice to an animated character — CZJ’s provides the voice of Marina in the upcoming “Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas” — is not having to worry about how you look. “There’s nothing better than going to work when you’re in your sweat pants.”

    Worst accent ever

    Readers of Empire magazine voted Sean Connery’s Irish accent in “The Untouchables” the worst on-screen accent ever. Dick Van Dyke came in a close second for his painful portrayal of a cockney chimneysweep in “Mary Poppins.”

    They’re a non-couple

    Lenny Kravitz escorted Nicole Kidman to a P. Diddy party at New York’s the Lobby over the weekend. It’s no secret that Diddy’s got a crush on the former Mrs. Tom Cruise — he thinks she’s “classy” — so the rap mogul was no doubt crushed when he saw Kidman and Kravitz leaving together. But Lenny returned a few minutes later all alone. It turns out he was just walking Nicole to her car.

    Stop the press

    One of Eminem’s protégés, rapper Proof, reportedly had words with some reporters camped outside his hotel in Scotland. Proof had been up all night drinking and decided to go outside and get rid of the paparazzi himself. “Why don’t you just leave? We are just trying to make a living.” Luckily, Proof’s own bodyguard stepped in before things got ugly, but hotel management threatened to show him the door if he didn’t chill.

    This land is her land

    Madonna is one happy camper. The 15 acres of land surrounding her and Guy Ritchie’s country estate in England has been declared off-limits to the public. Mo flipped when the British government enacted the “Right to Roam” law, which would have allowed any stalker and their mother to get within spitting distance of her home. So she wrote a letter to Prime Minister Tony Blair begging him to tweak the law a bit for the safety of her and her family, which he agreed to.

    Too sexy for this poll

    Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were voted the world’s most attractive celebrity couple in a recent poll. David and Victoria Beckham came in second, just ahead of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez .

    Three blondes

    There isn’t much that Paris and Nicky Hilton won’t do. But the hotel heiresses of questionable virtue say they absolutely draw the line at wearing fur. So they’ve agreed to appear in a new ad campaign for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), following in the footsteps of another curvy and, ahem, easy-going blonde, Pamela Anderson, whom the Hilton sisters were recently introduced to by PETA director Dan Mathews. When the power blondes met, Paris took one look at Pam’s chest and said, “I’ve never felt so flat!” Pam spotted the rock on Paris’ finger and replied, “I’ve never felt so poor!” Touché!

    Just one more house

    Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas are reportedly shopping for a home in the upscale suburb of Ridgewood, New Jersey. The A-list couple already have homes in New York, Bermuda, L.A. and Majorca, but think a house in the burbs might afford them the most privacy.

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