July 24, 2003
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Catherine and Michael Pics: Round 2

by Lia Haberman
Jul 16, 2003, 10:00 AM PT

Two tickets to see Catherine Zeta-Jones' latest flick: $20.

A peek at her wedding pics: priceless--at least according to the Welsh babe and hubby Michael Douglas.

a d v e r t i s e m e n t

Now the May-December couple must wait to hear what price tag a London judge puts on ill-gotten shots from their November 2000 nuptials at the Plaza in New York.

Welcome to Zeta-Jones and Douglas versus the paparazzi, round two.

Here's a quick recap.

The Hollywood power couple sued Hello! magazine after it published guerrilla photos (of poor quality, no less) of their celebrity-heavy event.

In April, Justice John Lindsay ruled that Hello! had breached the couple's commercial confidence by printing the wedding photos, including an allegedly unflattering shot of Douglas shoving cake down his blushing bride's throat.

Now, the judge has to decide what compensation Mr. and Mrs. Douglas deserve for the damage to their "valuable trade asset"--i.e., their famous faces.

Zeta-Jones and Douglas want Hello! to cough up $800,000--a lot of money for many, but as Zeta-Jones noted earlier this year, "it is not that much for us."

This latest hearing, which is expected to last a week, will also set a price on the damages awarded to rival tab OK!, which had an exclusive $1.62 million deal with the Douglases to publish their wedding pics but was instead scooped by Hello! three days before OK!'s ceremony special hit stands.

OK! publisher Northern & Shell PLC is seeking $2.75 million.

One possible hitch: The April ruling did not factor in the couple's original contention that the English gossip rag violated their privacy, which is not protected under British law, according to the judge.

But the couple's attorney Alistair Wilson asked the judge to reconsider his rejection of the invasion-of-privacy claim on Wednesday, citing their "real personal distress" over the unauthorized snapshots.

"This is rather like a burglary when possessions are stolen and the value gone and at the same time you feel a sense of personal invasion of privacy," said Wilson.

"This is a real distress quite separate from the value of possessions which have also disappeared," the attorney added.

Zeta-Jones and Douglas should have been able to "let their hair down" at their own wedding without worrying about "a snake in the grass" shutterbug crashing the ceremony, said Wilson.

Meanwhile, another Zeta-Jones-Douglas joint production has run into trouble. The couple's plan to costar together in a racetrack heist film has been scrapped, according to the director Stephen Frears.

Shooting had been scheduled to begin on Monkeyface in Miami later this year.

"It collapsed on Friday," Frears told Reuters. "Whatever the deal was to get Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, they couldn't get it to work," said the director, who previously worked with Zeta-Jones on 2000's High Fidelity. "Everybody wanted to make it, but somehow they couldn't lock it into place."

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