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Beyonce's no Iron Chef

The fight club: Missy & Madonna, CZJ & Michael, Donatella & Reese.

By Bill Picture
Of The Examiner Staff
Published on Monday, August 4, 2003

Beyonce says she nearly burned her house down trying to fry up some potatoes one evening. The Destiny's Child singer ignored the warning on a package of frozen spuds, which specifically said to bake them in the oven, and tossed them into a pan of hot oil. "I know oil and water don't go well together (but) I thought it would be OK if I scraped the ice off the frostbitten fries. I almost killed myself because grease was popping everywhere," she said.

As if anyone still cares

Carly Simon's offering to finally reveal who her 1972 hit "You're So Vain" was about ... for the right price, that is. She's inviting interested parties to bid for the privilege of being let in on her well-kept secret. The winner, however, will have to agree in writing never to tell another living soul.

Diva wars

Rumor has it Madonna and Missy Elliott aren't quite as chummy as they might seem in those new Gap commercials. On set sources say the singer and the rapper spent the better part of the day trying to out-diva each other. Missy held up the shoot sitting in her car talking on the phone and when Mo tapped on the window and told her to hurry it up, Missy shooshed her away.

Dress to unimpress

Donatella Versace is reportedly furious with Reese Witherspoon after she loaned the "Legally Blonde II" star two dresses for the film's London premiere. Apparently, Reese was having trouble deciding which one she liked best and at the last minute, nixed both and wore a Prada frock to the event instead.

A couple that fights?

Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas reportedly had a tiff aboard their private yacht. An eyewitness to the power couple's not-so-little spat told that Mike was pacing up and down the length of the boat yelling and pointing at CZJ, who proceeded to roll her eyes and smirk.

The ex factor

Ben Affleck, whom the National Enquirer claims to have caught with his pants down ... literally -- they say they have photos of Ben leaving a Vancouver strip joint with one of the dancers -- had better clean up his act because J.Lo's ex, well, one of them, Cris Judd, says he's still got the hots for Jenny. "We talk every so often and I know she still really cares for me. I tell her if she ever needs me I am here for her. We are soulmates," he said.

Speaking of Ben and his Canadian gal pal, the Enquirer's source says that booze and drugs were freeflowing back at Christian Slater's place, where the alleged tryst reportedly took place.

Punch drunk

"Terminator 3" star Kristanna Loken says that getting to punch Arnold Schwarzenegger was the best thing about being in the movie. She says it made her feel powerful. "(But) I was always thinking, 'Don't hit him in the face, Kristanna. Not in the face," she said.

Not everyone loves Justin

Rolling Stone fans reportedly pelted high-pitched boy bander Justin Timberlake with trash at the SARS benefit concert in Toronto last week. One Justin-hater even made his way on stage with a homemade sign implying Justin is a switch-hitter, if you know what I mean. Justin didn't even realize the guy was behind him and continued singing his little heart out while cameras broadcast the whole incident on the stadium's jumbo monitors. The Stones felt so bad that they invited Justin back on stage during their set to sing a tune with them.

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