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What's On 'Oprah' This Week?

UPDATED: 11:23 a.m. EDT August 4, 2003


8/4/03 - Makeover Highlights

On Monday's show, we'll find out who is still looking fabulous and who went back to their old ways following their Oprah Show makeovers. Oprah will show you what happened when we sent our secret cameras out to ambush former makeover recipients to see if they were able to keep up appearances, from a woman we hardly recognized after our beauty experts got rid of her beehive hairdo, to a couple turned in by their daughter who complained that they were in need of a style intervention. Then, find out what happened to a woman who worked in a pork processing plant where hair and make up were low on her priority list. She'll also check in with Yolanda Vega of New York Lottery fame. Nine years ago, we gave her a winning look, but did she keep it up? It's Oprah's makeover hall of fame, on Monday's show.


8/5/03 - Oprah Plays Interior Decorator

On Tuesday's show, Oprah' decorating! But more importantly, she's not breaking the bank. Find out what happens when Oprah goes to Wal-Mart to help one family redecorate a favorite room in their home. Then, one of Oprah's favorite interior designers gives a room makeover to a 12-year-old girl whose bedroom needs a new look.


8/6/03 - Oprah's Practical Jokes

How good is your sense of humor? Do you love to play silly, harmless jokes on your friends? On Wednesday's show, Oprah plays a hilarious prank on some unsuspecting audience members. Then, the best practical jokers in the business show Oprah some of their most hysterical pranks ever. Their biggest gags, their most outrageous stunts. You'll see what happened when they concocted elaborate scenarios to trick even the most jaded targets.


8/7/03 - Actor Michael Douglas And His Dad Kirk Douglas

One of Hollywood's most famous families joins Oprah to talk about the new film they're all a part of, "It Runs In The Family." Acting definitely runs in this family and two-time Oscar winner Michael Douglas, his legendary dad Kirk Douglas, his mother Diana Douglas, and his 24-year-old son Cameron Douglas tell Oprah what it was like to work together for the first time. Oprah first talks to Michael about his Oscar-winning wife Catherine Zeta-Jones and the new baby they're expecting very soon. Oprah asks, "Do you know what it is, boy or girl?" Michael also shares what it was like for him to grow up with a famous father and admits when he received his first Oscar, "I was out of the shadow of my father, really for the first time." Still larger-than-life, Kirk talks candidly to Oprah about getting back on-screen after a depression that had him contemplating suicide. "It was a dream that I never thought would happen," he says. Later in the show, Oprah asks Michael's mother Diana Douglas about her experience playing the role of Kirk's wife 50 years after their real-life divorce. Michael's son Cameron also talks about making his acting debut with his famous father and grandfather.


8/8/03 - More Smart Kids

Have you ever met a real-life genius? On Friday's show, Oprah introduces you to some of the smartest people in the world. And they're all children! First, she'll give you an update on one of Oprah's favorite child prodigies, Greg Smith. At the tender age of 10, he enrolled in college. Now, find out how he's changing the world at 13. Then, while most 6-year-olds are learning to tie their shoes, one little boy is amazing audiences with his extraordinary musical gift. You'll also hear from a 12-year-old girl who earns $10 to $15 thousand per painting. Even President Bush owns one. Plus, you'll meet a talented teen who produced a new magazine on her own at the age of 11; and, a kid inventor shows off her latest award-winning creation.

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