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Leslie: 'Kinky sex but not forced sex'
 Leslie: 'Kinky sex but not forced sex'
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Cleared television presenter John Leslie has admitted taking part in a three-in-a-bed romp and making home sex videos, according to reports.

He confessed to experimenting in the bedroom but insisted: "I am not some kind of monster".

Leslie, who described his sexual tastes as "quite orthodox", told the Daily Express he had experimented with a threesome, filmed himself having sex and had watched pornographic videos.

However, he insisted he was not into "rough sex", S&M or bondage.

He told the newspaper: "I may be an oaf, I may be clumsy, but I am not some kind of monster in the bedroom...

"Yes, I've once been in a threesome but not group sex or any orgy-type situation.

"Once, a girlfriend and I shot some home videos for a laugh but I am not into being watched by all and sundry when I make love.

"I have watched porn but I don't have my own porn library. I don't watch porn on the Internet.

Ex-girlfriend Catherine Zeta Jones
Ex-girlfriend Catherine Zeta Jones


After Leslie was named as Ulrika Jonsson's alleged date-rapist, two women went to the police and more than 20 went to newspapers alleging he had attacked them.

Only one case reached court - that Leslie had indecently assaulted an unnamed actress.

The charges were dropped last week and the judge said Leslie could leave court "without a stain" on his character.

Leslie, who has been supported by girlfriend Abi Titmuss throughout his ordeal, told the newspaper he had been with many women over the years.

The 38-year-old put his success with women down to being recognised from the television, having a sociable nature and, as a celebrity, getting invited to a lot of parties.

Among his ex-girlfriends is the Oscar-winning actress Catherine Zeta Jones, who was said to be a loyal friend to him over the past 10 months.

Last Updated: 06:21 UK, Tuesday August 05, 2003
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