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'I am not a monster' says Leslie

John Leslie has admitted experimenting in the bedroom but has insisted he's not some kind of monster.

John Leslie makes an emotional statement to the waiting media /PA

Leslie, who described his sexual tastes as "quite orthodox", told the Daily Express he had experimented with a threesome, made a racy video and had watched porn.

But he insisted he was not into "rough sex", S&M or bondage.

He told the newspaper: "I may be an oaf, I may be clumsy, but I am not some kind of monster in the bedroom...

"Yes, I've once been in a threesome but not group sex or any orgy-type situation. Once a girlfriend and I shot some home videos for a laugh but I am not into being watched by all and sundry when I make love.

"I have watched porn but I don't have my own porn library. I don't watch porn on the Internet."

Leslie, who has been supported by girlfriend Abi Titmuss throughout his ordeal, told the newspaper he had been with many women over the years.

The 38-year-old put his success with women down to being recognised from the television, having a sociable nature and, as a celebrity, getting invited to a lot of parties.

Among his ex-girlfriends is the Oscar-winning actress Catherine Zeta Jones, who was also a loyal friend to him over the past 10 months.

Following the naming of Leslie as Ulrika Jonsson's alleged date-rapist, two women went to the police and more than 20 went to newspapers alleging Leslie had attacked them.

Only one case reached court - that Leslie had indecently assaulted an unnamed actress.

The charges were dropped last week and the judge said Leslie could leave court without a stain on his character.

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