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Aug 5 2003

Keith Mcleod

JOHN Leslie last night told how he had a three-in-a-bed sex romp.

And the TV star also revealed he had filmed saucy home videos.

In a separate interview, Leslie spoke of his `true love' for ex-fiancee Catherine Zeta- Jones, who sent him champagne when he was cleared of sex charges last week.

Leslie - who was claimed to be Ulrika Jonsson's alleged rapist - said: "I am a red-blooded male and I have the same fantasies as other men. I have had a threesome but not group sex or any orgy type situation.

"Once, a girlfriend and I shot some videos for a laugh but I am not into being watched."

Some of the women who accused the former Blue Peter and This Morning host of attacking them said Leslie was into rough sex.

But the Edinburgh-born star, 38, said: "They all talked about rough sex but what is it?

"Does it mean beating a woman up during sex - I don't do that.

"I admit I have experimented. I am a passionate man and love passionate sex. Inflicting pain is not in any level passionate

"I don't throw women about the room. I don't do S&M or bondage."

Leslie, who is pondering legal action over his sex-case ordeal, admitted he has "watched porn". But he claimed: "I am not kinky." He added: "I just like normal regular sex. Over the years, I have known a lot of women and taken a lot of women to bed.

"But I will say this: if they believed I behaved badly, they have a right to complain."

He added: "I am no sex fiend - I am no pervert."

Of his gift from Oscar-winning Zeta-Jones, Leslie said: "It was a touching and generous gesture. It would be so easy for her to ignore her old life, but she didn't forget.

"I was in love with her and she was in love with me, no question."

Ulrika will leave Britain tomorrow for her Swedish homeland as Leslie's girlfriend makes a scathing attack on her.

Abi Titmuss, 26, stood by Leslie during the crisis.

She is expected to lash out at Ulrika for not publicly confirming or denying the allegation that Leslie raped her.

Ulrika is flying to Sweden to prepare for her wedding to Lance Gerrard-Wright on August 16 - her 36th birthday.

Yesterday, friends insisted the trip was a long-standing arrangement.

But rumours were circulating that Ulrika had moved forward her flights in order to get away from the scandal.

The mum of two has already told friends she is concerned that the situation with Leslie will overshadow her big day on the island of Varmdo, off the coast near Stockholm.

Yesterday, a friend of Leslie's said: "We've heard that she's going earlier than originally planned. John has still got lots to talk about.

"But on Wednesday, Abi's going to say exactly what she thinks of Ulrika."

Last night, however, a friend of Ulrika insisted she had always planned to travel back to Sweden on Wednesday to make preparations for her big day.

She said: "She is not leaving because of John Leslie. It is not unusual for a bride to allow herself plenty of time to get things organised.

"Any suggestion that she is running away is just nonsense. This was all booked ages ago."

Yesterday, Ulrika seemed relaxed as she spent the day at her mother's home in Farnham Common, Buckinghamshire. She relaxed with mum Gunn, daughter Bo and stepfather Michael Brodie.

But she could be forced to give evidence if Leslie decides to sue anyone over the allegations.


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