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The Years Condemn

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11 Aug 03

ANYONE would think the Oscars ceremony took place yesterday, instead of six months ago, the way Catherine Zeta-Jones is still banging on about it.
"Ok, Michael, I'm ready. Now you can answer the door"

In fact, if she had had her way, she would still be on stage now going through a long list of thank-yous.

Instead, she turns once again to OK! magazine to tell everyone how lucky she is and how happy she is.

"I was so happy to win it and it's lovely to have," she says, "but personally I think it will be best when I get older. You know, I'll be 80 and maybe someone will still hire me."

Why not? After all, her husband still gets work...

Someone who knows all about performing into their dotage is Alvin Stardust, who is "still rocking" at 60 - or at least as rocking as he ever was.

OK! catches up with the decrepit singer, famous for such hits as, er, My Coo Ca Choo, at his West Sussex house with wife Julie and daughter Millie.

And we are happy to be able to report that, far from hanging up his black leather jacket, Alvin will be appearing in panto as Captain Hook in Worthing this Christmas.

He is also releasing a Christmas album and is currently putting together a 16-date Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree UK tour.

Who said rock 'n' roll was dead?

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