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Business news

Essex: Mums wait 12 weeks for plush prams

Mums are queuing up to get their hands on a classically designed pram favoured by royals and celebrities such as Catherine Zeta Jones.

Buyers of Silver Cross prams, dubbed the "Bentley for Babies", face a 12-week wait for their orders because of a demand for them nationwide.

Sold store - Salters shop assistant Helen Earp by a Silver Cross pram  Picture: MAXINE CLARKE
Sold store - Salters shop assistant Helen Earp by a Silver Cross pram Picture: MAXINE CLARKE

Kindercare has a list of people waiting for the hand-made prams to come into stock so they can have a look at them before parting with their cash.

The coach-built pram has been around since 1877 but production stopped last year when Silver Cross went into receivership.

However, to the joy of fans world-wide, the prams have made a come-back after Silver Cross was bought by toy importer, David Halsall International.

Helen Earp, shop-assistant at Kindercare, said: "We have one lady who insists on buying a Silver Cross everytime she has a new grandchild. They are in high demand but we cannot even stock one to show-off because of the 12-week wait for orders."

Published Thursday, August 14, 2003

Brought to you by the Evening Echo

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Brought to you with the help of Essex County Council


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