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Saldana & Luna Enter Spielberg's Terminal
Source: The Hollywood Reporter
Friday, August 15, 2003

Zoe Saldana (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl) and Diego Luna (Open Range) are joining stars Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones in the cast of Steven Spielberg's Terminal, which begins shooting at the end of next month in Los Angeles.

Hanks plays a Balkan immigrant who makes an airport transit lounge his home after he learns that the borders of his war-torn nation have been blurred, voiding his passport and leaving him without a country.

Making friends among the airport employees in the United States, including a baggage handler (Chi McBride), he falls in love with a flight attendant (Zeta-Jones), which prompts his escape a year later.

Saldana joins Stanley Tucci in playing representatives of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Luna will play an airport employee. The project is set up at DreamWorks.

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