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Victoria tops fashion poll
3 September 2003

Victoria Beckham has been named the world's best dressed celebrity for the second year running.

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The former Spice Girl beat Catherine Zeta Jones and Nicole Kidman to the title.
Designer clothes horse Victoria topped the annual poll carried out by Prima magazine.

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But there was bad news for glamour girl Jordan and Prime Minister's wife Cherie Blair.

The pair find themselves just one place apart in Prima's worst dressed celebrity list.

Christina Aguilera comes out on top in the no-style stakes, deposing last year's winner Britney Spears.

There is also a place for Madonna, thanks to her love of flat caps and tracksuits.

Prima surveyed 1,000 women for its ninth annual celebrity fashion survey.

Editor Maire Fahey said: "It's good to see Victoria Beckham holding on to the top of the best dressed poll. She has really settled into her style over the last couple of years - she always dresses well and looks fabulous.

"As for Christina Aguilera, her style is outrageous to say the least. It's unlikely the average woman on the high street could identify with it."

The 2003 Best Dressed List:

1 Victoria Beckham
2 Catherine Zeta Jones
3 Nicole Kidman
4 Halle Berry
5 Liz Hurley

2003 Worst Dressed List:

1 Christina Aguilera
2 Britney Spears
3 Madonna
4 Jordan
5 Cherie Blair

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Gallery: Best and worst dressed celebs

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