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Sam Fox to reveal all
 Sam Fox to reveal all

Soap queen Ann Montini delivers the latest TV news:

:: Eighties babe Sam Fox is keen to star in her own reality TV show.

The singer and model, who shot to fame for her strips in The Sun, is in talks with various companies.

But I am told Sam will not be appearing in a show like The Osbournes.

However fans will get the chance to see just what it's like being Sam Fox.

:: It looks like Becks has decided to spurn his one-time friend Michael Parkinson.

David had been lined up for a big chat about his move to Spain.

But he's making another documentary instead, which will also feature his lovely wife Posh singing.

Apparently David felt there could be a bit of overload with his book and Victoria's new album.

So he plans to hold off until the New Year to reveal all about his life in Spain.

Sky's soap queen Ann Montini
Sky's soap queen Ann Montini

Can't wait!

:: Top medical drama Casualty returned to our screens with a bang.

The show featured a train crash that cost the BBC more than 4m.

A source told me: "It was the most expensive stunt we have ever had to do on British TV.

"But we needed to make sure it worked well and was not unrealistic."

:: It would appear that the in-house fighting has started among the members of Fame Academy.

Patrick Kielty and Richard Park are both blaming each other for the failure of the show with viewers.

A source told me: "It's all gone pear-shaped.

"But most of the staff feel that Richard Park, who plays Mr Nasty, has failed to live up to the cruelness of Simon Cowell.

Kielty and Park have fallen out
Kielty and Park have fallen out


:: There are some problems for Kevin Kennedy, who recently left the Street after 20 years.

He is now starring in hit musical the Rocky Horror Show playing the narrator.

However problems arose on the second night when he found someone had pinched all six pairs of his stage shoes.

A searched proved fruitless, but if you see someone wearing size 11 stiletoes then give Kev a call.

:: Calendar Girls star Julie Walters has revealed she wanted to be a soap star when she was younger.

She said: "I loved the idea of living on Coronation Street but I never managed to get an audition.

"Years ago I almost got picked to be one of the factory girls for Mike Baldwin, but sadly I never made it.

"Still, if they called now I might just say yes.

Darling Buds of May to hit US screens
Darling Buds of May to hit US screens


:: Catherine Zeta Jones may want to look away when I tell you this bit of news.

Her early 90s series Darling Buds Of May has been sold to an LA-based broadcaster.

Now all her movie star friends can see just how Catherine got her big break.

A source told me: "We bought the show purely based on Catherine and know it will be a great success."

:: Andi Peters may just be the man to save Top Of The Pops.

The one-time Saturday morning kids host has been given the job of revamping the 40-year-old show.

He plans to feature more interaction with the audience.

A source told me: "Andi plans to get pop stars to guest host the show - people like Holly Valance and the Cheeky Girls."

:: Ex-footballer John Fashanu has landed a new job on This Morning as the show's fitness instructor.

He'll be getting all of us in shape right up to Christmas, and if all goes well Fash will be signed for the New Year too.

Until next week, Ann.

Last Updated: 14:57 UK, Tuesday September 16, 2003
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