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Cathy At Home

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29 Sep 2003

WE have never heard what Catherine Zeta Jones thinks of her former boyfriend John Leslie’s brush with the law.
Mummy And 'Daddy'

But OK! is never one to shy away from asking the big questions, so when it asks of Catherine “Does anything scare you?”, we know what it’s driving at.

The answer is so blindingly obvious to us that we hear the words crystallising in our minds, as if Catherine herself were saying them.

“I am scared that I will wake up next to John and it will all have been a dream. There will be no Hollywood career, no Oscar, only an over-tall Scotsman with a fading TV career.”

She might even be thinking much the same, but she says something quite unexpected. “I’m always scared,” says she. “I’m just terrified and star-struck too.”

Of course, anyone who has stepped out with the tall former Blue Peter presenter should be used to a sprinkling of star quality in her life.

But she talks of the Hollywood greats who now make up her circle.

She’s delighted to be working with George Clooney, excited by her new project with Ethan and Joel Coen and beside herself with glee that she lives with Michael Douglas.

And it’s a life she’d be happy for her children to enter into. ”And if one of them says ‘Mummy I want to be like you and Daddy and Grandpa’, I’d say ‘Absolutely’.”

And then, perhaps, remind them that the man they call Grandpa is in reality their father and Daddy is just a pet name for one of Mummy’s former lovers...

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