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A million pounds is not a lot of money.

So said Catherine Zeta Jones during her court case against Hello! magazine for the publication of pics of Jonesy with her gob full of wedding cake.

But now the grounded, balanced and ‘normal’ wife of 83-year-old Michael Douglas has been labelled a cheapskate after bidding a miserly $25 for Sir Paul McCartney’s autograph at a Minefield charity event.

The Oscar-winner hit the nail on the head when she explained: “I’m a cheap Welsh girl.”

So there you have it.

In the interest of balance, we should actually complete the quote from Madame Jones: “I’m a cheap Welsh girl with good morals and I though $25 would suffice.

It wasn’t until after I’d raised my hand and bid $25 that I realised how stupid I was. I am thrifty by nature.”

So thrifty, in fact, the wife of 89-year-old Hollywood legend Michael Douglas, has launched a mega-million quid lawsuit against a French cosmetics company Caudalie, for alleged wrongful use of her name in promotions.

This is on top of the £5m or so she averages for every movie, a further alleged £5m every year for being the face of posh make-up and frocks and the Douglas fortune estimated to be over £100m.

So, you can understand how $25 would dent the coffers.

Michael Douglas is 94.

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