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Top Entertainment

Clooney, Zeta-Jones team in 'Cruelty' by Coen Bros.

October 05, 2003

By Joan E. Vadeboncoeur
Entertainment columnist

Two of Hollywood's biggest stars team for the first time for "Intolerable Cruelty," which opens Friday.

George Clooney is cast as an enormously successful Los Angeles divorce attorney - a lawyer who discovers himself fiercely attracted to the much-

divorced woman played by Catherine Zeta-Jones. The hitch is Clooney's character is prosecuting her for being a gold digger.

The film is the product of the fertile minds of the Coen Bros., Ethan and Joel.

'Kill Bill, Vol. 1' It's been 10 years since Quentin Tarantino scored with "Pulp Fiction." After a lapse of several years, he's finally back on the motion-picture scene.

For his first foray into action, the filmmaker delivers a two-part product. "Kill Bill, Vol. 1" bows Friday, with the latter film slated for February.

The writer-director has concocted the title character, played by David Carradine as the leader of a gang of international assassins, the Viper Squad. The Bride (Uma Thurman) is trying to quit the gang. That's futile, even though she is pregnant. Other key figures are Michael Madsen as Bill's little brother, Lucy Liu as a squad member, Daryl Hannah and Vivica A. Fox.

Expect plenty of martial-arts action.

'Good Boy!' A canine crew is at the center of "Good Boy!," a comedy slated to debut Friday.

After working as a dog-walker all summer, a 12-year-old boy (Liam Aiken) has been given permission by his parents (Kevin Nealon and Molly Shannon) to adopt a dog. But his choice, Hubble (voice by Matthew Broderick) turns out to be an interplanetary scout for the dog star Sirius.

Originally, they were to colonize Earth, but they strayed and became man's best friend. Several of Hubble's friends arrive to enjoy life on this planet, only to learn their leader, a Great Dane, is coming to assess their lives.

Newcomer John Hoffman wrote and directed.

'House of the Dead' "House of the Dead," another film based on a video game, opens Friday and should benefit from the star power of Jurgen Prochnow, who played the German sub captain in "Das Boot."

The producers like to describe it as " 'Buffy' meets 'Night of the Living Dead.' " The zombie flick also stars Clint Howard, best known as the younger brother of Oscar-winner Ron Howard. Both had worked previously with German director Uwe Boll, who was behind the camera. Joan E. Vadeboncoeur writes Monday to Thursday in CNY, Friday in Weekend and Sunday in Stars Magazine.

© 2003 The Post-Standard. Used with permission.

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