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Friday, October 10, 2003
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Most notably, there seems to simply be a general de-clawing that has taken place (perhaps due to producer Brian Grazer and the bigger-budget trappings that come with him), and it leaves the typically plucky brothers feeling a tad watered down. And, although this may be nit-picking, isn't California a no-fault divorce state?

All is forgiven, however, when Wheezy Joe makes his unfortunate mistake. Or Doyle requests some barbecue sauce. Or Rex Rexroth plays with his trains. Or Donaly gets assaulted with his Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement award. Or any number of other memorable moments that could never have been pulled off so flawlessly without the Coen touch.

This may not be the best film the Coens have ever made - it may not even be in their top eight - but it's hard to imagine even their home movies of the kids not being more entertaining than virtually anything else playing at your local googolplex. Long live the Coens.

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