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What would you tolerate?

    NEW YORK, Oct. 23 /CNW/ - Have you ever been so attracted to someone that
it compromised your principles? This probing question was posed to
members following the release of the latest comedy from the Coen brothers,
Intolerable Cruelty. The film features George Clooney as a hotshot divorce
attorney who, in spite of his principles, will do anything to garner the
praises of his client's wife, a gold-digging temptress played by Catherine
Zeta-Jones. In the spirit of this moral conundrum, polled its members
to see if this movie was truly representative of society or purely
    Members were given the choice of: "No, I have to stick to my values" and
"Yes, I couldn't resist his/her charms."
    Results show that Intolerable Cruelty is in fact more tolerable than we
might like to admit, the majority of both men and women admitted to choosing
looks over character.
    "The results show that when it comes to the power of attraction,
there isn't a lot of difference between men and women. Even when we feel
strongly about issues such as politics, religion or culture, these views
become far less important when sexual tension comes into play", said Brenda
Ross, relationship advisor for
    In a bold show of support for the rise of the metrosexual, a whopping 67
percent of women admitted to letting attraction overrule principles while only
33 percent stuck to their beliefs.
    For men, 62 percent said they would compromise their principles for
attraction. Only 38 percent said they would stick to their values.
    "This is a good indication of how the world is becoming increasingly
concerned with what's on the surface instead of what's inside", Ross added.
    This poll generated 1241 respondents.

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