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Mel Stewart Writing New Phantom Adaptation
Source: The Hollywood Reporter
Monday, October 27, 2003

Crusader Entertainment and Hyde Park have tapped Olympic gold medalist-turned-feature film screenwriter Mel Stewart to write a project based on The Phantom comics.

The comic has been adapted for the screen before. Billy Zane, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kristy Swanson and Treat Williams teamed to star in the Simon Wincer-directed 1996 feature, which grossed $17 million at the box office.

The superhero, clad in a purple suit, has no supernatural powers but appears immortal and fights evil in Africa. It is understood that the updated version will be modernized.

"While I like the comic book franchises of the 1990s, I always wanted to be able to identify with my hero more," Stewart said. "Take all of the technology of 2004, where science fiction is no longer that -- it's science fact. If you had all that technology at your fingerprints, you would be a superhero."

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