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Douglas ex slams gold-diggers

The ex-wife of actor Michael Douglas has taken a swipe at women who marry rich older men.

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Diandra Douglas hit out at gold-diggers who go to Hollywood in search of a wealthy husband.

Her 59-year-old former husband is happily married to Catherine Zeta Jones, who is 34.

In an interview with Hello! magazine, Diandra made no reference to their marriage or their 25-year age gap.

But she took the opportunity to deliver a few barbed comments on the subject of age.

``Our whole generation is obsessed with age,`` she said. ``In Hollywood you do see odd couples. It`s not normal for a 70-year-old man to be with a 22-year-old girl.``

Asked whether love could be blind to age, she replied: ``OK, but some things just don`t convince me. Life is really tough these days and lots of girls spend hours watching TV and start dreaming about travel, clothes, luxury...``

She went on: ``Certain young women fall in love with the idea of having a fat bank account and a credit card and not the person. That`s why they don`t care about the man`s age at all.``

Diandra, who is in her forties, picked up a reported 44 million divorce settlement when her marriage to Michael ended after 22 years.

She told Hello! that she would never speak badly of her former husband for the sake of their son Cameron.

Three years after her divorce she has found love again with millionaire businessman Zack Hampton Bacon III and the couple are planning to marry.

Michael has previously shrugged off the age difference between him and Zeta Jones, who began life in the Mumbles area of Swansea.

``I suppose early on the age difference was an issue for us but today we never think about it unless people bring it up,`` he once said.

``I talk to her about bands that lived in the Sixties and she`ll say, `Who?` But I`m not really aware of it. It`s not quite as freaky as they make out.``

The couple have two children - Dylan, two, and six-month-old Carys - and homes in Bermuda, Colorado, New York and Majorca.

Oscar-winner Zeta Jones is currently playing a gold-digger in new film Intolerable Cruelty, in which she co-stars with George Clooney.

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