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Cath's a real tom-boyo

Zeta in a less tomboyish mood
Oggy Oggy Oggy - and all that. Ultra-glam lady-shaped screen vixen Catherine Zeta Jones has been insisting she's just one of the boys after all.

Phew. Get the Brains in, boyos - there's rugby on the box and Zeta's scrumming round for a sing-song.

In an interview with a German magazine, the A-list Welsh beauty claims growing up in Swansea in a male environment was the key.

She says she loves a beer with the lads (whoever they may be) and prefers the company of men to women.

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Not to worry though, Mr Douglas. We're talking strictly social here.

The Intolerable Cruelty beauty drawled: "I grew up with brothers and that helps. I know what it's like to hang out with guys and drink beer out of the bottle."

How refreshingly homespun. And further upping her male-slob appeal, the courtroom-dwelling raven-haired superstar added: "I'm unbelievably lazy and sometimes I hardly even manage to brush my teeth."

Impressed or what?

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