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Celebrity endorsements 'sway consumers'

Big money product endorsements by the likes of England football captain David Beckham have a significant impact on what people buy, according to research.

The 'OK Corral' advert from Pepsi /PA

More than half of adults questioned in a survey admitted a purchase they had made at some time was influenced by a celebrity.

The Jon Smith's advert /PA

A third went on to say they had bought something in the past year because they had seen a famous face using or wearing it.

On-line bank Egg estimate consumers spend 23 billion a year on products linked to a celebrity in some way.

Beckham was the most influential male celebrity among 18% of the 1,000 adults questioned in the poll.

The woman with the biggest impact on shopping habits was judged to be actress Catherine Zeta Jones, with 22% of the vote.

Jerry Toher, UK managing director of Egg, said: "Today's world is very celebrity driven and keeping up with multi-million pound salaries can certainly stretch a pocket or two.

"Consumers should remember that whilst it is fine to be influenced by the rich and famous we are not all financially able to spend it like Beckham and should manage our shopping habits accordingly."

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