Monday, 10 Nov 2003
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Location: Sunday 09 Nov 2003 > World News

Hollow victory for Douglas and Zeta-Jones

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CATHERINE Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas were awarded just 14 600 in damages on Friday after Hello! magazine published unauthorised paparazzi photographs of their New York wedding.

The sum was a fraction of the 600 000 they had originally sought for the "real distress" they claimed to have suffered over the publication.

OK! magazine, which had a deal with the celebrity couple for the exclusive rights to their wedding photographs, was awarded more than 1-million.

Zeta-Jones, 33 - whose latest film is the Coen brothers' Intolerable Cruelty - said she had felt "violated" and been reduced to tears when she discovered a photographer had infiltrated the reception at the Plaza Hotel in New York and taken several badly lit and out-of-focus pictures.

Douglas, 58, described them as seedy and voyeuristic. - The Telegraph, London

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