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Antonio Banderas Talks Shrek 2 & Zorro 2!
Source: USA Today
Monday, November 10, 2003

USA Today talked to Antonio Banderas about playing Puss-in-Boots in Shrek 2 and here's a clip.

He calls Puss "a manipulator" who comes between Shrek and his chatterbox sidekick, Donkey (Eddie Murphy).

"He tries to break up the relationship between the two guys," says the actor, who drew upon his own three cats for inspiration. "Shrek thinks he's cute. Donkey feels threatened. He doesn't want to be replaced by this idiot."

Or as Donkey huffily points out to his swashbuckling rival in the preview, "I'm sorry. The position of annoying talking animal has already been taken."

Banderas also talked about The Mask of Zorro sequel, which will get under way soon.

"The script is fantastic," Banderas promises. "Way better than the first one. Everyone will be back -- (executive producer) Steven Spielberg, director Martin Campbell, Catherine Zeta-Jones."

Even Zorro's late mentor, Anthony Hopkins as Don Diego, returns. "He has a lot more to tell me," Banderas says. "It has a supernatural element."

Click the image link below for the full interview!

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