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Kill Bill
Q.T. and the stars of Kill Bill take over London
Down With love
Renee Zellweger goes solo at Down With Love premiere
Luke Goss on Blade II
Play Mystic For Me
Clint Eastwood on Mystic River
The Turkey Dozen
Ladies and gentlemen we give you the best of the worst
Lethal Weapons
A beginner's guide to making things dead

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Wednesday - 12/11/2003

Cartoon Carrey

Woo Hoo, It's Scooby-Doo 2

Sore Heads For Cruise and Christian

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Tuesday - 11/11

The Ghosts Of Movies Past

Prime Prospects

Meet Moopheus

Hopkins Back For More Zorro

Monday - 10/11

Taken For Granted

$204 Million For Matrix

Friday - 07/11

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Star Wars DVD Date Announced?

Thursday - 06/11

Paltrow's Plath Premiere

Orlando Update

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The Last Samurai
Kill Bill: Volumes 1 & 2

Hopkins Back For More Zorro
Original cast up for swashbuckling duties

Hard on the heels of our story a week ago that the groundwork had been laid for a sequel to The Mask of Zorro comes confirmation today from star Antonio Banderas that his British colleague Anthony Hopkins will also be back for more swashbuckling action.

'Everyone will be back,' Banderas tells USA Today, 'Steven Spielberg, director Martin Campbell, Catherine Zeta-Jones.' As for Hopkins, 'He has a lot more to tell me," Antonio divulges, 'It has a supernatural element.'

Banderas, who we'll see next playing Puss in Boots in Shrek 2 alongside the likes of Rupert Everett and Jennifer Saunders is like totally excited about the prospect of more Latin do-gooding. 'The script is fantastic,' he gushes. 'Way better than the first one!'

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