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Legal action, not Atkins, fuelling Zeta-Jones
Actress denies reports she's following the diet, and threatens to sue media that don't get story straight
The Gazette
Justin Timberlake gets a blow-up doll from Christina Aguilera at the MTV Europe awards, the event where she performed a strip-tease act.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is starting to have a strange glint in her eye every time she calls her lawyer.

The latest: Her mouthpiece has sent a threatening letter to various media which reported that she's on the Atkins diet. This is false and "her likeness and persona have been improperly linked" to the Atkins regime, the letter says. That diet, it continues, "has been derided by nutritionists and other health-care officials for decades." The publications involved are "falsely representing to the average reader, including many young women who look up to my client and admire her beautiful appearance, that Ms. Zeta-Jones would recommend this diet to any person looking to lose weight."

And on and on. Knock it off, the letter's point is, or we'll sue you into the next time zone.

The girl is on a roll. She has recently filed or threatened suits against a French cosmetics firm, the Nieman Marcus Group, and a Las Vegas outfit called Turnberry Condominiums, all of which she says claimed her endorsement. And last week she and hubby, Michael Douglas, won $24,220 U.S. in damages from Hello!, a British magazine, at the end of a long-running suit over unauthorized snapshots from their wedding three years ago.

- - -

There's an arrest warrant out in Michigan for Kim Mathers, Eminem's ex-wife. Charged with running a drug house in Warren, Mich., she failed to show up for two court dates last week, and took it on the lam, as they used to say. Her lawyer says she hasn't been in touch in two weeks. She's 28.

- - -

Justin Timberlake has opened a saloon and restaurant in L.A. It's called Chi (I wonder if there's a restaurant in Chicago called simply Los) and he's doing it with a couple of bar owners, Art and Allan Davis, who know the business.

The joint is in the Hyatt Hotel on Sunset Boulevard, and the L.A. Times described the decor as "1930s Shanghai-meets-Blade Runner." The food is nibblies - tapas, dim sum, that kind of stuff.

- - -

Oh, shut up: Halle Berry, who is an official spokesbabe for Revlon, tells the English paper The Daily Express, how she got that crazed look for her movie Gothika:

"I had to cry for 20 minutes before every shoot to get ugly, puffy eyes. My eyes wouldn't stop twitching. The director thought I had added it in like a crazy tic or something, but it was because I was suffering from mascara withdrawal syndrome. I really love my mascara. I can't function properly without it."

- - -

Lifestyles of the rich but not stupid: Quentin Tarantino was at some Halloween party at a high-end New York boozer called The Park. The cooling libations were flowing and a good time was had by all, New York magazine's Intelligencer column reports, but "when he got a $900 (U.S.) bill for three bottles of vodka ... he shrieked, 'I can't believe the bottles are $300!' He haggled the place down to $50 a bottle."

- - -

Quote of the day: Angelina Jolie tells Us Weekly about the cuisine in Cambodia, where she's been spending a lot of time:

"I like those whole frogs on a stick. With a beer and some beetles and a few crickets, they're actually quite good."

- - -

That'll teach her to do a striptease-nun routine on national TV: Christina Aguilera has cancelled the last two gigs on her British tour - Newcastle and Manchester - because she has acute bronchitis. Somebody suggested the real reason is that she spoke to somebody who has seen those two cities, but she really is sick, apparently. This is unlike Britney Spears, who blew off a couple of British appearances last week, claiming flu but apparently just having boy trouble.

 Copyright  2003 Montreal Gazette


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